Enseal is an immutable record
system including geo and date
stamping, of every stage of product
sourcing, processing and packaging,
which also allows easy verification
of product provenance, authenticity
and seal integrity, instantly, at and
prior to the point of purchase

The Enseal technology combines seamlessly
with Entrust software to combat world-wide fraud
threatening the reputation of brands and regions,
which can occur at many points in the supply
chain. These systems ensure end-to-end supplier,
manufacturer and consumer security, and record
keeping of each stage. The consumer can access
this information by downloading the Entrust app
and scanning the Enseal with their phone.

Entrust is a secure, comprehensive
digital system that records every
stage of an agricultural supply chain
from produce, harvesting, processing
and packaging - it is the software
platform that combines with the
Enseal technology to make the
process complete and secure.

The reputation of a growing number of products
and their producers has now become threatened
through inferior merchandise presented in
deceptive packaging, often including false
claims about the source, etc. The Enseal/Entrust
system prevents this via its simple yet immutable
record keeping data interface and infrastructure,
in combination with its ground-breaking
Enseal packaging technology.

The system incudes a cloud-based SaaS platform;
distributed ledger technology to provenance data
recorded throughout the process; mobile phones
with GPS location; API integration with sources
including satellite imaging; and patented IoT
devices to enable easy supply chain tracking and
back-tracing of products. The result is a reliable,
verifiable system which guarantees the integrity
of the product from source to consumer.

The Enseal packaging technology
and Entrust system are first going
to market in application to wines -
created by experts in the industry
in consultation with specialists in
developing the custom technology

The key to the Enseal system in wines is the
technology within the custom designed capsule,
which retains the functionality, aesthetics and
feel of the established screw cap, including the
experience of breaking the seal. Enseal utilises
near field communication (NFC) ‘TagTamper’
technology scannable by most smartphones -
each cap has a unique serial number, allowing
the provenance of each bottle to be confirmed,
as well as seal integrity, as the electronic
signature alters the instant the cap is opened.
All the information on the contents is recorded
within the capsule and its indentifier is added
to the Entrust cloud-based auditing system.

Every cap also has read/write capability and
storage to allow data to be added/retrieved over
the lifetime of the bottle - in use, a customer just
opens the app on their smartphone and touches
the cap - then they can access all the information
about the wine via the internet or directly via the
app. Collecting data from the Enseal cap is not
reliant on having access to the internet at the
location it is scanned - information included in
the cap that can be directly accessed includes
grape type, vintage, storage, transport and other
provenance of the wine, along with storage and
sales information, plus on-the-spot confirmation
that the bottle has never been opened.

With its world-first innovative technology,
Enseal is easy to use, linking to a streamlined
user interface recording every stage of the wine
production process, from grower to glass,
including volumes, with both geo and date
stamping - even when every individual bottle of
that wine is first opened. Its integrated program
eliminates the bulk of paperwork, consolidates
accurate, secure record keeping - saving time
and costs, ensures supply chain confidence,
plus it meets Wine Australia’s Label Integrity
Program (LIP) standards and enables remote
auditing in a single, easy to use application.

More than 100 vineyard blocks in
one of Australia’s most noted wine
regions, Clare Valley, are participating
in the world’s largest ever wine
provenance blockchain trial using
the Enseal/Entrust technology

Key personnel
Jeffrey Grosset  Founder
World-renowned winemaker, owner and founder
of Grosset Wines and producer of Polish Hill
(one of only three white wines in Langton’s
‘Exceptional’ classification), nine other distinctive
wines and a spirit, a pioneer in the use of the
screwcap for high-end wines, he also campaigned
to institute the legal integrity of the riesling grape
in Australia. His keen dedication to wine making
and the pursuit of all avenues of improvement
have now lead to this major new developement
to ensure authenticity across the industry.

Key personnel
Andrew Rogers  Industrial Designer
Principal designer of the Enseal system,
its functionality and economical mass production,
Andrew is a multi-award winning designer
with extensive experience across numerous
categories of design and commercialisation,
with more than 300 products developed and
taken to market. Andrew Rogers Industrial
Design has extraordinary in-house facilities,
does meticulous ‘hands-on’ supervision of all
production, and is supported by its own quality
control and production assembly facility.

Frances Uggias  
After 28 years in banking, Frances has now
transitioned to roles varying from shopping
centre management to international
investment portfolio, intellectual property
and charity fund oversight.

Enseal key contributors
David Travers  Co-founder
John Longhurst  Cyber Security
Robert Allen  Blockchain Engineer
Chris Bishop  Software Lead Engineer & Designer

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